Mystery and Mayhem

A deeply mysterious anthology of middle grade mystery stories featuring UK based mystery writers. Published May 2016 by Egmont. Twelve dastardly crimes have been committed. They seem impossible but can you solve them? (I couldn’t, and I tried really hard!)

Mystery and Mayhem front cover




















To say I was very excited to be invited to contribute a short story to this anthology would be an understatement. As you can see from the line up on the cover I’m in very good company! I’d been lucky enough to meet some of the authors featured in this book (who all just happen to be female writers, AKA the Mystery Girls) at A Midsummer Mystery – a mystery themed book festival organised by the mystery loving Storytellers Inc bookshop last summer.

Mystery Girls
A Midsummer Mystery, June 2015. Helen Moss, Elen Caldecott, Robin Stevens, Katherine Woodfine and me.

It’s the huge variety of mysteries and young detectives that make this book so special. Readers can expect to delve into murder most meticulous, dog napping, impossible puzzles, brain boggling Agatha Christie style plots, adventure through the ages (got to love a Victorian super sleuth), inner city carnival chaos, poison pineapples, hot air balloons, and much more marvellous mysteriousness.

This my first venture as an author without the illustrator part of my job – no drawings to hide behind! I loved the process of developing a short story and writing for a slightly older audience than my previous work, and even though I didn’t illustrate the cover or inside illustrations for this title (David Wardle did and I am a fan of the gold foiled loveliness and beautiful typography) I couldn’t resist visualising the young detective in my story – Sid Taylor, Junior Assistant Dog Walker who is forced to turn dog detective.


Here’s a taster from my story, Dazzle, Dog Biscuits and Disaster:

Dazzle, missing pedigree bichon frise.

“Charlotte had flung open at least five doors by now, and every time the sound drummed the same unspoken statement through my head: SID TAYLOR, DAZZLE IS MISSING AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT.

It wasn’t. It couldn’t be. I knew I hadn’t left the back door open.

But with each slam my hopes that Dazzle would be found inside the house, violating all the rules by shedding dog hair on Charlotte McCarthy’s bedspread, faded …”

Mystery and Mayhem is available now!

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