Fantastically Sneaky Preview Part One …

Only three days to go until Fantastically Great Women Who Made History is published! This time (as the title of the book suggests) we travel a bit further back through history to meet a huge mix of women from different cultures and backgrounds with an array of history making talents and ideas. This week I’ll be posting some of the most surprising things I discovered about each of the women featured in the book to give you a sneaky previewRead more

The Fantastically Great Women Are Go, Go, Go!

Last week was publication week for Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World! Hooray! The book has had some lovely reviews in the run up to publication from book enthusiasts as excited as I am about celebrating history-making women. It’s been a real treat to work on researching, writing, designing and illustrating, not to mention intriguing to explore the distant (and slightly tenuous) connection I have to the suffragette branch of the Pankhurst family. The story goes that Emmeline wasRead more

Mystery and Mayhem is here!

I’m delighted to say that the wait is over – Mystery and Mayhem, a collection of short mystery stories from twelve authors who love a good mystery, including me, is out now! I was seriously thrilled to be asked to contribute a story to this anthology because as you can see from the cover, I am in very good mystery writing company. You can read more about the story I wrote for the anthology, the books other authors and the DEEPLYRead more