Hello We Are All Astronauts!

3, 2, 1 … BLAST OFF! (Or it will be on publication day, 31st August 2023.)

Absolutely out of this world delighted, excited and floating in anti-gravity thrilled to FINALLY be able to share with you what I’ve been working for AGES now! Meet the cover for We Are All Astronauts, the first title in my brand new series for all curious earthlings. 

Join Luna Scope as she embarks on ASTRONAUT TRAINING (with some help from her granny of course). We’ll map the constellations, figure out what shooting stars are made from, complete a space walk and design a space rocket with NASA engineer Mary Jackson. (Mary isn’t the only amazing female pioneer of space discovery and exploration we’ll meet along the way, I am still channelling my inner Pankhurst.)

And the best realisation after all that astronaut training is that right here, right now, with our feet firmly on the blue-green marble called Earth we are already spinning through space. Already learning all we can about our wondrous universe … Just like astronauts. WE ARE ALL ASTRONAUTS! 

I can’t wait to reveal mission badges, cardboard rockets and many more delights full of star dust and wonder with you all … Now, excuse me while I lie down to recover for a while! Finishing this book has been an epic task!

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